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Will Your Will Be Clear

A Will informs other people of your intentions regarding distribution of your assets upon death. A poorly drafted Will may not accomplish your goals because others may not understand your intent. This may lead other, especially disgruntled heirs (usually family...

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York La Lawyer

Review Legal Documents IT’S TIME: Wills, Power of Attorneys, Trust Agreements, and More The start of a new year is a perfect time to review the legal documents that you had a lawyer prepare more than five years ago. You know the documents I’m referencing. Wills, Power...

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Your Will

    YOUR WILL: DOES IT DO WHAT YOU THINK IT WILL DO? A Will puts you in charge because it allows you to decide who will receive your assets upon death.  A Will may also show your intentions regarding burial, cremation and, if you have minor children, who should be the...

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