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Unemployment Compensation Law

Our unemployment compensation lawyers represent both employers and employees in unemployment compensation disputes. If you find yourself in an unemployment compensation dispute in central Pennsylvania, contact our attorneys for assistance, today.

What Is Unemployment Compensation?

Unemployment compensation is money paid to employees who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. In order to receive unemployment compensation, employees are required to meet certain qualifications.

If there is a dispute as to whether an employee meets the necessary qualifications, that dispute will be heard in an unemployment compensation hearing.


In order to be eligible for unemployment compensation, an employee must have earned enough money to qualify. In addition, you must not have lost your job due to your own actions. For example, if your employer went out of business or you were downsized, you might be eligible for unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania.

However, if you quit or were fired for cause, you might not be eligible. In addition, you must be capable of returning to work and actively seeking work to collect unemployment compensation.


Most unemployment compensation disputes arise because the employee quit or was fired for misconduct. In these cases, there is often a dispute as to whether the employee actually quit or if he was appropriately fired under the circumstances. If an employee resigned for good cause, then he might be eligible for unemployment compensation. Good cause might include leaving due to sexual harassment or quitting because he was told to quit or be fired.

Employers – If, as an employer, you seek to contest the unemployment claim, you will need to have grounds to do so. When you contact us, we will discuss your concerns about the claim with you and help you determine if a dispute is appropriate.

If a dispute is appropriate, we can represent you at the unemployment hearing. Sometimes, it is important to take a holistic approach to the situation by looking at the potential for more serious wrongful termination claims if you choose to dispute a UC claim.

Employees – If you are no longer employed and are concerned that your employer might dispute your unemployment compensation, it would be wise to contact us even before you become aware of the claim denial. At this point, you can tell us about your concerns and we can help you prepare for a hearing, should one become necessary.

Call For Help With Unemployment Compensation

If you need assistance with an unemployment compensation hearing in central Pennsylvania including York, Shrewsbury or Mount Wolf, we can help. We have substantial experience representing both employers and employees at UC hearings. Contact us today at 717-846-8846.