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It is a simple fact that many law firms have attorneys who never go to court. Unfortunately, this means that if you have a situation that needs to go to trial, such attorneys will need to hand your case off to someone else. Our firm handles litigation. Our attorneys go to court to fight for our clients.

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What Is Civil Litigation?

There are many areas of law in which the practice is entirely transactional, meaning no court is required. But there are numerous areas where, in order to obtain the best result, you will need to go to court. Civil litigation is when one person (or party) files a lawsuit against another. Such a lawsuit can be over virtually any matter.

Each party requires a lawyer, one for the plaintiff (the person suing) and one for the defendant (the person being sued). The process of litigation is complex. Not only must the lawyer be able to fight on your behalf in court but also must be able to prepare your case as if it will be going to court from day one.

An experienced civil litigation lawyer knows how to handle a case before a lawsuit is even filed and can handle every stage of the case from beginning to end. This includes when to file suit, drafting complaints, negotiating with opposing counsel, conducting discovery, picking a jury trying the case and more.

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