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Pennsylvania Child Support Issues

Child support in Pennsylvania involves one parent providing money to the other for purposes of taking care of the children. Financial support is generally awarded to the custodial parent who has primary physical custody.

Unfortunately, sometimes the noncustodial parent refuses to pay support or the custodial parent expects more money than she has a right to receive. In such cases, legal issues occur. It is critical to make certain you have the right support attorney. One who knows the law, understands your rights, and will fight to make sure you receive or pay the appropriate amount. Our child support attorneys are here to provide aggressive representation for our clients.

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How Is Child Support Calculated?

The amount parents pay is based on the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are income-based and cover most people. However, there are provisions for adjustment up or down when appropriate. Child support is normally awarded until the children reach the age of 18 or graduate from high school, whichever occurs last. The child support calculator can help you get a sense of the amount you will be required to pay or are entitled to receive.

What If My Ex Tries To Hide Income?

A major issue in these cases occurs when one party tries to hide income from the other in an effort to decrease the monthly support required. If you believe your child’s parent is hiding money, make certain you retain a law firm that knows how to find where those assets are being hidden so a court can make the right financial decision on your behalf.

What If My Ex Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

If the parent obligated to pay support fails to do so, a judge might hold that person in contempt. Failure to pay child support is very serious and can lead to jail time. If you need assistance enforcing a support order, Hoffmeyer & Semmelman, L.L.C., is here to help. Similarly, if you feel you have paid the appropriate amount of support and are unfairly charged with contempt, we can help you fight to clear your name.

Can Child Support Be Changed?

Child support in Pennsylvania can be modified, periodically based on changes in custody or financial position. For example, if one parent loses a job or receives a substantial raise, the amount of money that parent is required to pay can be altered based on the guidelines. Changing the amount required can be complex and requires an attorney who can argue strenuously on your behalf. Judges will not make modifications without clear evidence of the changes in financial situation.

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